As the start of 2019 quickly approaches, many people think about their resolutions for the coming year. This year, rather than making a resolution to lose weight or start going to the gym – lets make a few resolutions regarding the care of our furry loved ones. As your local Lansdale dog walking business owner, I attempt to make a few resolutions every year for my pets.

Resolution #1: Updating Your Pet’s ID Tags and Microchip Info. If your pet wears a collar, take a few minutes to check if their ID tag is attached and if the information on it is still correct. It also doesn’t hurt to attach their Rabies Vaccine ID and their Dog License to the dog collar as well. The New Year is also a great time to check on your pet’s microchip information and update it if you have moved, changed your phone number or any other details.

Resolution #2: Schedule Your Pets Yearly Check Up. Your pet should have a yearly check up, just like you! Your Veterinarian will check your pets weight, bloodwork (if needed), heart rate, and other basic vitals to make sure your pet is healthy.

Resolution #3: Watch Your Pet’s Weight. Now is a perfect time to assess your pet’s weight and if you need to help your furry friend shed some pounds. Always consult with your Vet first, but some of the easiest ways to help your pets, is to slightly decrease their food and treat intake. Increasing exercise and playtime will also help burn calories. Hiring a Lansdale dog walker will help give your dog the exercise they need! Pet obesity is one of the main ways to have your pet’s life cut short or bring on preventable diseases.

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