Halloween can be scary!

Halloween is a fun and spooky day! Pumpkins, ghosts, candy corn and more! Everyone is dressing up and going door to door. Children are having fun collecting candy and enjoying time with family! As your Hatfield dog walker, I’d like to remind you that Halloween can sometimes scare our pets more than it scares us. So here are the top 3 things you should avoid exposing your pup to this Halloween:


Chocolate probably makes up more than half of all candy goes out on Halloween night. Dogs have an excellent sense of smell and can easily suss out where food is hidden. Chocolate smells as delicious to dogs, but it can be potentially fatal to dogs. Other candies can also be harmful because your dog could choke on them or crack a tooth!


Halloween brings a lot of doorbell ringing, knocking, and unfamiliar voices. Doorbell ringing or a knock on the door can cause a dog to get very excited or to go into “guard dog” mode. Combine that with a lot of unfamiliar voices and giggles, and that combination can make any dog very nervous or excited.


Constant opening and shutting of the front door gives your furry friend many chances to escape throughout the night. Even a dog who would normally not try to escape, may become interested in all the movement outside. Or they might be enticed to venture outside due to all of the excitement and voi

The scares and thrills of Halloween are awesome for us humans. However, our dogs may not love the Halloween spirit like we do! Halloween can be a scary holiday for dogs. Keeping your dog away from the loud noise, constant escape route and candy will help keep his Halloween night a bit calmer and safer! This Halloween lets enjoy the fun but leave our dogs in a safe, comfortable environment!

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