Summer is quickly approaching and many of us are planning our summer vacations! Flights booked? Check. Hotel rooms reserved? Check. Activities planned? Check. But what about Fluffy, your favorite feline? You have several options you can choose for Fluffy. In this article, your local Lansdale pet sitter is going to explain why booking Fluffy at the kennel might not be the best idea!

1. Your cat isn’t comfortable leaving your home! Many kitties get very anxious when their cat carriers come out.Pet Sitter Lansdale PA There’s a good reason for this – they don’t want to leave your home! Cats are creatures of habit and routine. Putting Fluffy in the cat carrier, driving her to the kennel and leaving her in a cage for a week is probably the last thing on earth that she wants to do!

2. Kennels expose your kitty to constant barking and strange smells! Most kenneling facilities do not have a huge separation between the dog cages and cat cages. This means that Fluffy might be subjected to listening to constant barking. This can be quite scary to Fluffy, especially because she doesn’t know these dogs. Fluffy is also exposed to a variety of smells that she might not be comfortable with. Fluffy might spend the entire week hiding in the corner feeling very anxious and nervous!

3.  You have no idea how much attention your kitty is receiving! Will the kennel staff really pet Fluffy? Will they take Fluffy out of her cage and play with her? You might pay extra for it, but you will definitely have no idea if Fluffy is receiving any quality attention!

So what can you do with Fluffy during your vacation? Call a pet sitter! Your kitty will be able to stay in her own familiar environment and follow her normal routine. She wont be exposed to any other unusual pets, pet smells or barking! You will also have peace of mind knowing that her Kitty Sitter is showering her with affection and playtime each day! Here at PURRfect Pet Companion, your local Lansdale pet sitter will even send you free text updates to let you know how Fluffy is doing each day!

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