As your local Lansdale pet sitter, I often hear people say things like, “I wish I could afford a pet sitter”. Or “If I had the money, I’d hire a pet sitter for my cat”. What people often do not realize is that a hiring a pet sitter can be a better, cost effective solution for your fur-family!

Some points to consider:

1. Sometimes hiring a pet sitter really is cheaper! Many households have several pets, yet kennels and boarding Lumpy2facilities generally do not give discounts and will charge the same flat fee per pet. This can run you a lot of money if you are boarding several pets. By hiring a pet sitter, you will not only pay less, but your pets can stay in their own home and follow their own normal routines!

2. Kennels can make your furbaby sick! I cant even count how many clients have told me that they used to board their pets but stopped because their furbaby often came home with kennel cough or something worse! Save yourself that costly trip to the Vet after your vacation and keep your pets at home with a pet sitter!

3. Not only does a pet sitter take care of your pet, but they also take care of your home! A pet sitter is at your home at least once, if not, several times each day. Pet sitters can bring in mail, packages, newspapers, and alternate your lights, so that your home looks “lived in”. No need to hire the kid next door to check on your home – your pet sitter handles it!

In summary, there are a lot of reasons why hiring a professional pet sitter is more cost effective than you think! Whether a pet sitter is a better, cheaper alternative to a kennel or whether they end up saving you money in future Vet bills- you’ll be happy knowing you saved money and kept your furbaby happy at home!

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