In many parts of the country Winter is cold, wet and bleak. As soon as the new year sets in, the low temperatures and winter weather arrive. The days are so short, with it being dark out when most people leave work. There is often a mix of snow, slush and ice covering the roadways and sidewalks. This often translates into spending more time indoors. While its nice to stay warm by the fireplace, or under blankets on the couch, lets not forget about your furry friend. Your local Hatfield dog walker has some tips to keep your dog happy during the cold Winter months.

      1. Try to go out for a walk every day or every other day. Even if you and your dog are only out    walking for a few minutes, I can guarantee your dog will appreciate it. Dogs do not always need walks purely for exercise. One of the best benefits of a walk is the mental exercise! If you think your dog will be cold, put a sweater or a doggie jacket on him.

     2. Give your dog something to do.  If you have a dog, you know their most favorite thing to do – EAT! You can always entertain your dog by giving them something that takes a long time to eat. My favorite long-lasting treat to give my dog is a frozen Kong. A kong is a nearly indestructible rubber toy that you can fill with liquid or solid treats or food. If you freeze the Kong, that makes it take quite awhile for your dog to finish it.

      3. Play with your dog! Just because you don’t want to go out in the freezing temperatures doesn’t mean that you can’t play inside! Discover what your dog likes best by buying a variety of toys. Does your dog love squeaker toys? How about nylabones? Monitor your dog to see if they can safely have the toy at an unsupervised time. 

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