pet sitting in lansdaleThere are a number of essentials that any professional Lansdale Pet Sitter will bring with them to your dog walking visits. As pet sitters and dog walkers, we are here to make your life easier! This means bringing along a few items to make our visits with your dog go as smoothly and efficiently as possible! The last thing we want to do is bother you with little details like where the leash is or where to find the poop bags!

  • Pet / Client Info: We bring your client / pet information forms to each visit. This includes important details about your pet and home including all emergency contacts. We will have on hand exactly how much wet food to give Fido and what toys Rufus loves to play with!
  • Pet First Aid Kit: While we aren’t Veterinarians, we have been trained in Pet First Aid and we always carry a First Aid kit with us. We hope to never have to use it, but its an important item that every dog walker should have with them!
  • Leashes: We always carry our own leashes. As professional dog walkers, leashes are practically part of our uniforms! I have two leashes that I love to use. They are comfortable in my hand and strong enough for your 100+ lb dog!
  • Poop Bags: We always have our own stash of poop bags! We don’t want to get 20 minutes away from your home on a walk and suddenly realize your poop bag holder is empty – so we always bring our own! Poop bags with handles that are biodegradable are our favorite!

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