Lansdale Cat SitterMost cats love being outside – the sun, the grass, all of the sights and smells. However, letting your kitty outdoors is not always the best idea or best option. Many cats may roam too far, get lost, or get hit by a car. If you want to enrich your kitties lives, you don’t have to let them outside! Just try to make their indoor space a little more exciting!

Cat Trees

Most cats absolutely love climbing, scratching, and sleeping. A cat tree combines all of these things in a relatively small amount of space! Cat trees can vary greatly in price – from around $50 to above $1000 depending on the manufacturer and how customized it is. Cat trees can have lots of shelves and cubby spaces for cats to sleep. Most also have scratching posts for kitties to clean their nails. There are even videos on the internet for how to create your own cat tree. As your local Lansdale cat sitter, I can tell you that in most homes we visit that have a cat tree – we will almost always find the kitty resting there!

Window Perches

Kitties also love to watch what is going on outside. If you affix a window perch to a window in your home you are giving your kitty a comfy sleeping space and a way to watch the outside world. Try to pick a window that gets a lot of direct sunlight, so your feline can also do some sunbathing!


Whether its a fancy automatic laser pointer or an old cardboard box, put out some toys for your kitty to enjoy. Cats do tend to each have their own preference for toys. My male cat prefers huge dog-sized plush toys, while my female cat loves little bouncy foam balls or tiny fake mice. Cats also love hiding or playing in boxes and bags, so setting out a cardboard box or brown paper grocery bag (with the handles cut off) can provide a lot of entertainment!


We can’t forget the essentials! All kitties need a litter box, preferably one for each cat. Cats prefer to have a litter box that is kept clean so try to scoop at least once a day! Food and water bowls should also be cleaned daily. Keeping the food and water as far from the litter box as possible is also a good idea.

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