Hatfield Pet SitterAlthough the summer temperatures extended well into the winter season, the cold has finally arrived. We do many things to keep ourselves warm and healthy during the winter, why not do the same for our pets? Even with their thick, furry coats  – pets can still get cold!  Senior pets or pets with thin, short hair are the most susceptible to the cold.

What can you do to make your furry friend more comfortable and health this winter?

1.Shorten walks / outdoor time! Most dogs will still love being outdoors despite the cold, but overexposure could cause serious problems. Shorten dog walks slightly depending on the temperature. Do not leave your dog in your yard for a prolonged period.

2. Buy your dog a sweater or jacket! Although your dog may look a little silly wearing a sweater, he’ll certainly be more comfortable. Almost any store will carry a variety of styles and sizes of both doggie jackets and sweaters.

3. Keep your pet active inside! While prolonged outdoor exercise isn’t an option, you can still keep pets fit indoors! Playing fetch inside with your dog is still great exercise! Kitties will race all over your house after a laser pointer or wand toy!

4. Keep your pet’s mind active too! Placing a cat tree, perch or pet bed near a window will allow your furry friend to view the outdoors from the comfort of a warm bed! My pets love watching the birds and squirrels outside. They have several comfortable options throughout the house to view nature and stay comfortable and warm!

5. Consider a heated bed! Many pet stores and websites offer heated dog and cat beds. Generally their prices are a bit higher than a traditional bed but I can tell you they are well worth it. Kitties are always seeking out the warmest spot in the room, so any cat would adore a heated bed!

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