North Wales Dog WalkerSummer is quickly approaching! Its almost time for family barbecues and summer vacations. This wonderful time of year is enjoyed by everyone, including our furry friends! However, some dangers come along with summer that every pet parent should be aware of!

Keeping our canine children safe is one of the greatest priorities of any pet parent. Some summer pet dangers are obvious and well known, while others might not be just common sense.

1. Keep your dog cool at home! This can be as simple as not letting your house get too hot! If the house is too warm for you, its probably too warm for your furry friend as well! Also have plenty of fresh water available to your pup!

2. Keep your dog cool on the road! Try to avoid long walks in the sun on a hot afternoon. Knowing how well your dog’s breed can handle the heat is also helpful. Dogs with short snouts cannot pant as well as dogs with long snouts. 

3. Don’t leave your dog in the car! This is probably one of the most well-known and publicized dangers for our pets. Always keep in mind that a car heats up much quicker than the outside air temperature. Leaving your pup in the car even for just a few minutes is very dangerous.

4. Don’t assume your dog can swim! Most dogs have to be taught how to swim, just like humans! Its best not to leave a pup unattended near a pool or lake. Doggie lifejackets are essential if you are taking your dog out on a lake!

5. Beware of backyard hazards! Plant food, certain deadly plants and ticks and fleas are all lurking out in your backyard. A monthly flea & tick treatment is necessary all year but especially in the summer months. Check your pup for ticks on a regular basis. Keep plant food and fertilizer out of your dog’s reach. When planting flowers, skip the azalea bushes as they are toxic to dogs!

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