Dear Santa Claws,

I have been a very good kitty this year.  I always try to be a purrfect cat and responsible owner of my human being.   

I make sure she gets up each morning although she is very hard to get moving.  I usually have to start around 6 am byPet Sitting in North Wales PA hitting the bedroom blinds, then I go on to pawing at her and finally I go into the bathroom (the sound amplification is excellent) and meow very loudly.  This is my last resort and it always works.  She jumps out of bed and comes looking for me to see if I’m in distress.

Throughout the day, I perform all my various duties to the best of my ability.  I prowl from window to window, checking out our neighbors and surroundings, as an efficient guard cat should do.  I help her when she is knitting by jumping into her yarn bag to keep track of the yarn balls or crawling into her lap to oversee her stitches.  I also keep her happy by playing hide and seek with her.  Anytime she leaves a drawer or cabinet open, I hide inside and wait for her to find me.  I help her laugh as I run up and down the hall like something is after me.

Since I have been so good could you please bring me: catnip (my human just loves it when I go crazy over it), a real mouse ( I’d love to watch the reaction of my human to it), and a box to jump in and out of.

Thank you,


P.S.  Please leave a little something for my human because she has been good too!

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