Pet Sitting North WalesAs your local North Wales Pet Sitter, I’ve been a animal lover my whole life! I’ve always had the need to cuddle and pet and love animals! So you can imagine my disappointment when I learned that I had suddenly become allergic to pets at 15 years old! I first began to notice the symptoms around my grandmother’s cat – the itchy eyes, sneezing, and rashes! My parents had me allergy tested and the test showed I was severely allergic to cats! At that age, I learned to deal with the problem by wrapping my hand in tissues to pet the kitty!

As I got older, my allergies only got worse – and expanded! I owned 2 cats that I loved more than anything on earth. However, loving and petting them left me with puffy, itchy eyes similar to pink eye on a daily basis. I decided to go in for allergy testing again.  At 28 years old, I was now allergic to cats, dogs, horses, birds and cockroaches! My allergist suggested (I think jokingly) that I should no longer have pets. Thankfully, he also suggested I begin receiving a regimen of allergy shots, Allegra and prescription eye drops.

The allergy shot process can be quite lengthy! Initially I had to visit the allergy office once a week for two shots. But, within a year of allergy shot injections, my cat allergies had all but disappeared! No more sneezing, wheezing, rashes or itching! I no longer need the eye drops or the daily antihistamine. 

Pet Sitting in North Wales PA

Two years later I made a decision that many allergists would laugh about! I decided to open my own pet sitting business! Thankfully, my monthly allergy injections keep me almost completely immune to pet allergens! I can sit and pet cats for hours with no negative reaction! Unfortunately, I’m still allergic to my own dog. After a bit of hugging or snuggling with my pooch, my arms will be covered in hives.  I’m not sure if this symptom will ever go away, but the joys of my dog will always outweigh a small rash!

Throughout my life-long struggle with allergies, I’ve found out one main thing about myself. I love pets so much, that I’m willing to do just about anything to care for them! Shots, pills, drops, hives and itchy eyes wouldn’t keep me from petting and loving my furbabies!

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