Hatfield Dog WalkerThere are countless brands of dog foods and all of them are telling you the same thing- that they are the #1 dog food around! But how can they all be the best dog food? The answer is…. they can’t! Only you and your dog can find out what the best brand is for your fur-family.

Starting with your Veterinarian’s recommendations is always a good idea. However, I suggest doing some additional research online or going into the pet store and asking the clerks there as well. I know I learned a lot about the different brands of foods from working in a local pet store myself. A good rule of thumb is that if you can buy it anywhere other than a pet-specific store, it is probably not the best quality of food. For example, if you are able to buy the food at your local grocery store or Walmart, its probably not very high quality. One of the best websites to search for dog food information is: http://www.dogfoodadvisor.com/   It has a wealth of information about all different types of dog foods, including a star rating system!

Always check the labels and ingredients list to see what is in the product you are purchasing. See if there are grain-free or corn-free foods within your price range- even those pups who don’t have an allergy can benefit from not having these fillers in their food. Also check the flavor, sometimes dogs will have an aversion to a particular taste but not another. Then when you find the brand, make sure to introduce the new food to the pup gradually and to keep an eye on them for any adverse reactions.

~Written by guest blogger and Lansdale dog walker, Anna J!

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