What Is a Service Animal?

Service animals are legally certified animals (often dogs) that are there to assist their owners in completing everyday tasks. According to the National Service Animal Registry (NSAR), in order for a person to be legally qualified to have a service animal, “he/she must have a disability that substantially limits his/her ability to perform at least […]

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How Early Should You Neuter Your Pet?

            Spay / Neuter refers to the sterilization surgery that is performed on cats and dogs, traditionally around the age of 6 months. However, pediatric spay/neuter (performing the surgery prior to 6 months) has been introduced in recent years and is becoming more common. While some veterinarians are still resisting the change in tradition, many […]

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Do You Have a Pet First Aid Kit?

            Because life is full of unexpected moments, it’s important to be prepared in case of an emergency. While packing a First Aid kit for your family, consider also packing one for your furbabies. Though we often need some of the same items in emergency situations, it’s important to keep your first aid items and […]

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