Lansdale Cat sittingAs your local Lansdale Cat sitter, I can tell you that most people find grooming their cat to be a daunting task. Pet owners think of grooming their dogs, but cats often need some basic grooming too! While many cats will disappear at the sight of a warm bath, there are some easy grooming steps that any pet parent can accomplish.


  1. Brushing! Many cats enjoy being brushed softly. It mimics the feeling of being petted, so many kitties won’t object at all! Try rewarding them with a treat several times throughout the brushing routine.
  1. Wet wipes! Many companies sell “pet wipes” or “cat wipes” designed to be used on your cat’s fur. Some cats don’t groom themselves very well and could use a quick bath at times. Wiping your kitty with a wet wipe is a quick and easy solution! 
  1. Nail trimming! You should probably start early with a kitten to get them used to the routine, is possible. Both of my cats will sit in my lap and barely put up a struggle while I cut all of their nails. I know that I am on the lucky end of the spectrum though. If your kitty lets you cut even one nail, reward with treats and loving praise!

Grooming your cat doesn’t have to be difficult. Take it one step at a time! Don’t try to do everything in one day or you may overwhelm your furry friend! Remember that cats also benefit from praising and rewarding!

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