Kitties love to scratch. They begin scratching as a kitten and will continue to enjoy scratching their entire life. Its thought that cats scratch things for a number of reasons including: marking their territory, cleaning their nails, sharpening their nails, etc.

Cat Sitting in Lansdale PAIf not given an appropriate area to scratch, cats will often turn to scratching the furniture. This is not done out of spite, it’s a form of communication saying “this couch is mine”. An easy way to counteract the furniture scratching is to buy your kitty a scratching post or two and place them in strategic areas.

Scratching posts come in a variety of shapes, sizes and textures. Every cat is an individual and not all cats will like the same type of post, so try out a few. There are corrugated cardboard posts that are vertical or horizontal. They are also vertical sisal rope posts.

My cat Mimi loves the horizontal cardboard scratchers but stares at the sisal posts in confusion. My other cat, Monty prefers to scratch the carpeted posts on the cat tree rather than the sisal rope post!

So the next time you see your cat scratching at your sofa, don’t be upset, just buy some scratching posts!

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