Cat Litter is an necessity for our cats.  Advertisers promote various reasons why we, the owner, should use their product.  But did you ever stop to ask yourself if your cat actually likes the brand of litter you buy? As your local Lansdale Pet Sitter, I’d like to pass along some information I’ve learned along the way!

Here are some displays that would indicate that your cat doesn’t like the litter you are 3 (14)

  •   Your cat doesn’t paw/dig in the litter either before or after using it.
  •   Your cat stands with any of his/her feet on the rim of the litter box.
  •   Your cat runs from box after elimination.
  •   Your cat eliminates beside the litter box, not in it.
  •   Your cat shakes his/her paws multiple times after leaving the litter box.

If your cat has shown any of these behaviors, try a different litter.  Place a new box near the original one and leave the new box with new litter in it for about 2 weeks.  If your cat uses the new box and litter more than the old one then your cat prefers the new litter.   If not, try a different litter in the new box and give it another 2 weeks.  Keep trying different litter until you find one that your cat likes.

There are so many types of litter, that you are sure to find one your cat prefers! Clay-based, newspaper-based, clumping, non-clumping… I could go on and on!

Often your cat will continue using the litter box even if they don’t like the litter.  But if your cat is soiling in the house, check with your veterinarian to see if there is a health problem.

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