red cat, walking towards camera, isolated in whiteAs your local Lansdale cat sitter, I have had the opportunity to care for hundreds of kitties.  A lot of cat owners claim their cats are “easy” or “don’t need much”. Some say that they can leave their kitties alone for days with just big bowls of dry food and water. Over the years in business, I have described to many pet parents why we must do daily kitty visits at their home.

There are numerous reasons why daily visits are best for kitties (rather than every other day, or every few days). The biggest reason and the factor that all other reasons stem from is this: a lot can happen in 48+ hours! This rule applies to both your kitties and your home.

Many kitties aren’t good at rationing their food and will gobble everything within the first few hours. That would essentially leave them starving the rest of the days until their owner gets home! Cats that eat strictly wet food would also be in a bind as their food would go bad within a few hours of being left unrefrigerated. Some kitties can be fussy with their litter boxes and have accidents if the litter box is too full (of excrement)!

I’ve seen kitties get into the trash, knock the trashcan over and a huge amount of ants invade the home. Other kitties will chew on household plants and throw them up all over the home. We have a lot of kitties clients that enjoy playing in their water dish, or putting toys into their water dish. Sometimes these adorable behaviors can cause the dish to knock over and spill on the floor. 

We’ve also seen things occur with clients’ homes that if left for too long would’ve created major problems. We’ve seen the power go out, the furnace stop working in the middle of winter, and the AC stop working in the heat of summer!

So in the end, it might cost you a little more for daily visits, but the peace of mind is priceless!

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