Lansdale Pet SitterAs your local Lansdale pet sitting service, I cannot even count how many calls we receive from pet owners that need last minute pet care! The majority of these calls and inquiries are from pet parents that had a pet sitter in place and were suddenly cancelled on at the last minute! Imagine setting up your vacation – requesting time off at work, booking your hotel, booking your flights, setting up pet care – only to find out just a few days prior that your pet care person is no longer available!

Whether its the kid next door, a friend or family member, or a hobby / solo pet sitter, many pet parents have been stood up at the last moment by people they trusted!  We all have emergencies and illnesses that come up but these unexpected events leave pet parents scrambling at the last moment. When you are looking for someone to care for your pets, one of the first questions you should ask is who will care for your pets if they get sick or injured? A good pet care provider will always have a back-up!

Many situations can arise that may cause your pet care provider to be suddenly unavailable:

  • They get sick or are caring for an ailing child or family member
  • They become injured or get into a car accident
  • They have car trouble
  • They go on vacation

By hiring a pet sitting company, you can be assured that there will always be a back up plan in place! At PURRfect Pet Companion we believe in having one primary sitter and one back-up sitter assigned to each household. This way if the primary pet sitter is sick, away or overbooked, the back-up sitter can help! During longer vacations we often have sitters work in teams to prevent exhaustion or burn-out!

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