Lansdale cat sitterAs I stated in my last blog, I was ready to adopt a kitty.  I applied to several rescue groups and filled out the application forms online.  The rescue groups contacted my vet for my previous cats medical history.  I was approved for adoption.  So I started looking both online and in the stores associated with the rescue groups.

I finally found a beautiful tortoiseshell cat.  Her name was Duchess Katherine Opal. She was at Pet Valu, sponsored by The Philly Kitty rescue.  I called Kate, the adoption coordinator, and discussed Duchess with her.  We both decided that she was the cat for me.  Kate set up a meeting for me with Amy, the foster mom of Duchess.  I met her later that day and got to bring Duchess home with me.

Duchess Katherine Opal was just too big a name for such a little furball.  I renamed her Emmy.  She seems to like the name.  Emmy is a little shy and easily spooked but each day she gets bolder.  She sleeps beside me in bed each night, tolerating my tossing and turning with a little sigh.

Emmy loves to play.  She chases wand toys back and forth, leaping in the air after them.  My arm wears out before she does!  She also entertains herself batting balls and anything else that will roll around.

I still miss Gizmo very much but Emmy is filling my heart with joy! ~ Written by guest blogger and Lansdale cat sitter Mary Ann W.

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