Dog Walking in Hatfield PAMany of us have dogs that are very powerful chewers. My own dog, Alley, has eaten so many toys that we call her “The Destroyer”! As we walk through the pet store we see so many adorable stuffed toys and always wish we could get them for Alley. Unfortunately Alley just has a natural desire to rip every stuffed toy to shreds!

So we ruled out stuff toys and instead purchased some hard toys that said they were for tough chewers. Within 5 minutes those toys would often be scattered in 100 pieces on the floor. At that point, my husband and I then went through a trial and error toy testing experiment. We continually searched for a toy that Alley couldn’t destroy.

Then we found her favorite…Nylabones! Most of them are impossible to destroy! They are flavored and come in a variety of sizes. She loves any shape or design.

Just make sure to buy the ones that say “for tough chewers” and be sure to buy the correct size!

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