Happy Thanksgiving to our clients, their furbabies and our friends! I hope everyone has a wonderful and relaxing holiday! Now is the time where we gather around the table to eat a delicious meal. More than likely, our pets will be nearby hoping to “share” in our meal! While feeding some “people food” is alright, I just wanted to remind you:

A list of 10 Thanksgiving dangers from the ASPCA:

  • chocolate
  • candy with xylitol
  •  bread dough 
  • batter with raw eggs 
  • onions and garlic
  • macadamia nuts 
  • raisins and grapes 
  • rich or spicy foods
  • alcohol

ASPCA experts say a little bite of plain turkey is usually safe for pets. If you decide to share, remember: Only boneless, well-cooked turkey is OK. Giving your pet undercooked or bone-in turkey, fat or gristle, or cooked bones for chewing is not OK. Cooked bones can easily get lodged in your furry friend’s throat and cause them to choke! Save yourself a scary trip to the Vet and be careful what you feed your baby!

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