So you just adopted a dog? This is such a fun and important time, in both of your lives! We are often so preoccupied with our new dog, that we may forget some of the most important essentials for our furry friend! We worry about finding a pet bed, food bowls, a crate, leashes, etc. to make our new dog feel right at home. We cannot forget the important factors that keep our new furbaby healthy! Pet Sitter in Hatfield PA

  • Flea & Tick Prevention. The last thing you want is for your new dog to get fleas! Personally I wouldn’t use the cheap flea collars or store brand spray-on tick repellent. Use what your Vet recommends or go with the old favorites – Frontline, K9 Advantix II, etc.
  • Heartworm Medicine. Definitely see your Vet as soon as possible about Heartworm prevention. The two main brands I’ve always heard recommended are Interceptor and Heartguard.
  • Quality food. This is one of the most important investments for your dog. There are many cheap brands sold at the grocery store, but they are generally full of ingredients that aren’t the best for your furbaby. Read ingredient labels closely, or ask a Vet to recommend a good brand. Most quality brands are not carried in grocery stores, or even at the big box pet stores!


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