2019 is coming and its almost time to ring in the New Year! As we celebrate the ball dropping and the year changing, we must remember the safety of our pets. Your local Hatfield Dog Walker has some tips on celebrating the New Year with your furry companion!

1.Beware of Fireworks! Many people set off fireworks to celebrate the New Year. While it can be very exciting for humans, fireworks can often terrify our pets. Fireworks are one of the biggest causes of pets running away. Please secure your best friend safely during the light display!

2. Be Mindful of Edible Dangers! During New Year’s celebrations, pets are often around alcoholic drinks, chocolate desserts and party favors / noise makers. Eating any of these items can send you and your dog on a pricey trip to the Vet.

3. Educate Your Guests! Remember to remind your holiday guests not to leave the front door open. Its very easy for a pet to sneak out when guests are coming in and out. Remind guests to keep their chocolates and other pet dangers out of reach.

As excited as we all are to ring in the New Year, it will be even better to celebrate it with our furry family members. Keeping them safe is always our priority, but at the holidays more dangers are present. Follow a few of these tips to keep your pets happy and safe at home!

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