Mimi10It would be wonderful if everyone could just go to their local shelter and adopt an animal in need of a loving home. Unfortunately, this is not possible for many people. Not everyone is in the correct financial or housing situation to immediately adopt a pet. 

Here are ways you can help your local shelter even if you can’t adopt a pet:

  • The most important thing you can do is to reduce the number of homeless pet. It’s simple…just spay and neuter your pets. And while you’re at it – encourage others to do the same! Often pet stores, veterinarians and clinics will offer low or free spaying and neutering services.
  • Microchip and have current ID tags on your furry friend. Animal shelters spend time and money trying to find owners of a lost pet. You can make their job a lot easier if you keep proper identification on your pet!
  • Volunteer at your local shelter. There are a number of jobs that you could do to help out. Many shelters need volunteers to walk dogs, or clean animal pens. 
  • Supplies are always needed at animal shelters. Take old blankets, towels or newspapers to the shelter to be used for bedding. Food and toys are always welcome too. Shelters will often have a list online of the items they are in desperate need of!
  • Be a foster parent to an animal. Take a pet to your home until they’re adopted.
  • Contributions will help pay for food and medical care that is needed.

Find out about your local shelters by looking in the phone book, online or even in our local pet stores. If you don’t have an animal shelter close to your home, consider helping a local rescue group!