Summer is finally here and it’s a busy time for all of us! Summertime and warm weather often mean vacation season has arrived! Many people are planning trips, whether its to the beach for a long weekend, or to visit family for a week or more. Some folks love to take day trips during the summer weekends. Summer is often when a lot of our friends or family members get married and we travel to their weddings. Summer also is primetime for barbecues and parties!

Having a pet sitter on hand can help make your summer events a lot easier! When you have hired the perfect pet sitter, it can solve a lot of your summer travel problems: Untitled design (5)

  • No last minute rushing to find a neighbor to care for your pets!
  • No worrying if the neighbor / kid next door might forget your pets!
  • No phone calls to every kennel to see if they have room for your dogs!
  • No worrying if your pets will be stressed and unhappy in the kennel!

If you already have a trusted pet sitter, you can just send them a quick email or phone call to book your travel dates. You also know that your pets will feel happy and content staying in their own home!  If your pet sitter already has your key and pet care instructions on file, the process is as simple as just booking your visits! 

If you do not already have a pet sitting company you trust, do some research! Find a bonded, insured, professional company that services your area! Check their references and reviews online and then schedule a meeting. Even if you do not have a trip planned yet, getting set up with a pet sitter ahead of time is always a wise idea!

Hire a pet sitter and make your summer travel plans go a lot more smoothly! For more Hatfield dog walking information, follow us on Facebook! Or set up your free consultation today!