Dog Walker Lansdale

As pet owners we love our little furry friends.  But just like humans, pets need basic grooming to keep them smelling and looking good.  Light grooming is simple and quick if done frequently. Grooming includes hair, nail, ear and teeth care. As your local Lansdale Dog Walker, I’ll give you some tips for easy grooming!

Brushing: Most pet owners do not know how to deal with matted fur.  According to the National Dog Groomers Association of America the best way to avoid matted fur is frequent brushing.  The more you brush the dogs hair, the less it will mat.  Brushing removes loose hair and removes dirt.  The dogs coat has oil, which when brushed will spread the oil thru the coat and moisturize the skin.  If your dog does get a mat in its fur, very slowly cut through it.  Make sure you point the scissors away from their skin.  Using blunt nosed scissors is a safer option to regular scissors.

Nails: A dog can be hurt if you are not careful when trimming their nails.  Avoid the blood vessel called the quick.  It looks pink but is often hard to see.    Always clip less than you think you should.   Clip the part of the nail that curls over.

Ears: Ears can hide wax and dirt.  If you see any, use a cotton ball with a tiny amount of mineral oil or ear cleaner and gently wipe the wax and dirt away.  If you smell any odor or see a discharge or redness, call your veterinary clinic.  NEVER USE A COTTON SWAB.

Teeth: Bacteria and tartar can build up on your dogs teeth, which can lead to bad breath, pain, gum disease and tooth loss.  To start you need to get your dog use to you holding its head and touching its mouth and teeth.  Give a treat to help it associate this activity with a pleasurable ending. When you think that your dog is comfortable with this, you can use a finger brush or a dog toothbrush to gently brush their teeth.  Only use dog toothpaste…never human toothpaste.

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