Many of us are aware that being overweight is a major health concern. Obesity can greatly affect our longevity and Dog Walker in Hatfield 19440health. This also holds true for our furbabies! An overweight dog or cat will often face more health problems than their slim counterparts. The chances of diabetes, joint problems, and heart problems go up drastically when your pet is overweight.

There are a lot of steps you can take to help your dog lose weight or maintain their normal weight!

  • Talk to your Vet! Generally your Vet will be your best guide in this process. They can check for underlying health problems.
  • Don’t free feed! This is often the culprit of obesity in our pets! Schedule your pets meal times, don’t just let them graze all day. Feeding your pets twice daily (morning and evening) and only feeding the Vet recommended amount is a sure fire way to lose the weight!
  • Watch it with the treats! I know it can be difficult, but stop giving your pets so many treats. Many treats are high in calories and they can quickly add to your dog’s waistline.
  • Exercise! Take your dog for a walk! Play ball and fetch! Your dog needs daily exercise the same way you do!

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