Whether you have moved to a new town or just arent satisfied with your current Vet, finding a new Veterinarian can be difficult! Sure there are lots of Vet Clinics out there, but how to you find the one thats right for you and your pets? 

Pet Sitting in LansdaleI’ve been to many different Vet Clinics, from Emergency Clinics to ‘Cats Only’ Vets, and I’ve had both good and bad experiences. Some Vet Offices make you wait 30 minutes to an hour to be seen (even though you’ve scheduled an appointment).  Some Vets seem to act like your pet is just another customer on an assembly line. Other Vets seem to cater more toward dog clients and would barely touch or talk to me about my kitties. And some Vets make you feel like your pet is the only pet in the world!!

When I moved to the Hatfield area, my husband and I scoped out several Vet Offices for our 3 pets. I wanted to find a Vet that was capable, knowledgeable about both dogs and cats. I wanted a Vet Office that generally ran on schedule and was very clean. But most importantly, I wanted a Vet that seemed to truly care about my pets! I did online research and visited several of the local Vet Offices before I found my ‘PURRfect’ Vet!

So what should you look for?

  • Look at their website
  • Check out their online reviews
  • Take a tour of their facility
  • Ask to speak with their Vets

For my family’s needs, the Telford Veterinarian Hospital is by far the most capable, friendly and caring Vet Office I have ever been to! They always seem to be on time, their facility is very clean and their Vets truly care about your pets! Dr. Minninger and Dr. MacDonald both are excellent Veterinarians and I would entrust my furbabies’ care to no one else!

Feel free to check them out: http://www.telfordvet.com/  (215)721-6989


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