IMG_3076With the spirit of Halloween continuing to creep up during the month of October, the excitement of dressing up for the spooky holiday is on the rise! There is nothing more hysterical and adorable than ringing the doorbell on Halloween night only to spot Fluffy trotting over decked out in a pumpkin outfit. Not only does this pet costume tradition bring joy to its owners, but it also provides quite a bit of entertainment for trick-or-treaters. So while you’re scouring the aisles for the perfect Halloween attire and décor, keep these tips from your Lansdale Pet Sitter in mind:  


  • Find the proper fit for your furry friend by assuring the costume is not too tight or overbearing. Large or awkward accessories may look very cute, but refrain from purchasing items that could constrict breathing, block hearing, or diminish eyesight. Also, check to assure that the garment is not excessively loose and baggy, which could cause tripping or falling.
  • Avoid small hazardous items on both costumes and décor. Tiny details such as bells, sequins, and other decorations could be potentially ripped off and swallowed by a pet. Make sure these embellishments are secure, or avoid them altogether.
  • Schedule a break for your pet to decompress from meeting guests and/or wearing attire. Halloween may be fun for people, but stressful for pets. Give your furry ones a chance to calm down before gearing back up again.
  • Keep pets indoors as much as possible to avoid scares for both your pet and trick-or-treaters. Masks and silly costumes may spook Fluffy, or one of your guests may be nervous around dogs or cats. Also, consider confining outdoor cats (especially black ones) inside for the night to prevent any mean pranks that could occur.
  • Use reflective tape or materials if you must walk Fido around the block to ensure that people and cars can visibly see you. Carrying a flashlight is also a bright idea!

 If your furry friend truly refuses to don a costume, consider dressing him/her up with a festive bandana or bow-tie- always classy! Following these tips will help promote a safe and stress-free holiday for everyone. Wishing you a Happy Halloween from all of us at Purrfect Pet Companion!

~ Written by guest blogger and pet sitter extraordinaire Jenny B!

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