92If your furry friend is anything like mine, or the dogs we walk daily in Lansdale – your pup probably can’t get enough of the snow! Most dogs want to run through the snow, nose to the ground, eating as they go! It seems to make them jump for joy- excited to eat every bite!  My dog waits at the back door every snowy day, eager with anticipation to race through the snow!

But… is all this snow bad for our canine friends?

The answer is – probably not! If your pup is eating massive amounts of snow you should always have a Veterinarian rule out any possible medical conditions. If no medical conditions are present then its likely that your dog just enjoys eating a cold, icy treat! Just do not assume that your dog is getting enough daily hydration from eating snow – you’ll still need to provide them with clean drinking water as well!

If snow and slush causes you to worry about your dog’s paws, there are a lot of solutions to make your dog more comfortable!

  • Try dog booties! Not all dogs will want to wear booties, but for pups that will – there are many types and brands to choose from! Many even have a Velco strap around the top to ensure they won’t fall off.
  • Clean their paws! If your dog won’t wear booties, simply clean your dog’s feet when they return from an outdoor romp! Using a warm, wet washcloth and cleaning between their paw pads will remove any excess ice, salt or dirt.
  • Try a salve! Mushers Secret and other salves are designed specifically to easily rub on your pup’s paws. This helps keep your furbabies’ paws from cracking and keeps them hydrated.

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