Cat sitting in Lansdale PAIn another post, I gave a few tips and tricks to help a shy kitty begin to trust you. I’m often asked by shy kitty parents how I’ll get their cat to trust me. I always assure them that, generally speaking, I can gain the trust of almost any shy cat.  Above all else, you want the kitty to know that you aren’t there to harm them. Something that happened in the cat’s past may make them a bit timid and you’ll have to prove that with you, it’ll be different!


  • Never underestimate the power of treats – especially soft, stinky ones!
  • Or try their favorite wet food!
  • Use a laser pointer or a feathery wand toy to play with the kitty
  • Lay down on the ground (making yourself small) and hold out something of yours for them to smell – your glasses, pen, etc
  • Sit quietly and talk in a soothing voice

Some kitties will never feel completely comfortable with you. With these tips and tricks, most cats will eventually be able to overcome their fear. Once the shy kitty approached you, let them smell your hand. Then, while they are sniffing your hand, gently brush it along their cheek. If they feel uncomfortable sniffing your hand, let them smell something else of yours, like sunglasses or your pen. In no time you’ll be making friends!!

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