You have found the perfect pet sitter and have your next vacation booked, but have you remembered everything? To Pet Sitter in North Wales make your trip easier for yourself, your pets, and your pet sitter there is some important prep work you must do prior to leaving!

You have probably already met with your pet sitter and gone over all of the details about your home and pets. You may have even filled out a client / pet profile with all relevant information, but its advisable to also:

  • Create and leave the pet sitter with a list of emergency contacts. This should include friends or family members and if possible, a trusted neighbor. Its also helpful if one of these emergency contacts has your house key.
  • Leave a list of your preferred Vet’s address and phone number. If applicable, leave the address and number of your pets’ Emergency or After-Hours Vet.
  • If your pet is on medication or has special needs, its also advisable to leave detailed instructions on their care or medication regiment.
  • Note where the supplies are located in your home. This includes extra paper towels, carpet cleaner, sanitizing wipes and towels.

A good pet care service company should have already obtained this information from you prior to your trip. But it never hurts to leave this extra information – just in case! My pets are very important to me and I would want my pet sitter to be fully equipped with all of the information to properly run my home and pet’s routines without any problems!

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