Dollarphotoclub_33262369As your local Hatfield pet sitter, I feel like I have seen just about every feeding routine imaginable. When we care for pets, we follow the pet parent’s detailed feeding instructions. Some pets have very elaborate feeding procedures involving many steps, while others simply get “one scoop of dry food”. I’ve fed dry food, wet food, and raw food. I’ve added just about every possible supplement.

While I’m learning all of these feeding routines, sometimes I encounter a step that I’m curious about. Lately we’ve had a lot of pet parents that use Fish Oil in their dog’s food. Generally we are asked to squirt a few pumps of it over the doggie’s dry food. 

I’m already well aware of the benefits of fish oil for humans, but I wasn’t so sure for pets. After some research I found that adding fish oil to your dog’s diet may provide several benefits! Fish oil can regulate a dogs immune system, improve the appearance of their skin and coat, and even promote weight loss! It can reduce inflammation and provide support for dogs with a variety of health problems! 

Obviously, I am not a Vet and have no training in the field. You should always consult with your Vet before adding something new to your dogs routine! But it sounds to me like Fish Oil might be a great supplement to try adding to your dog’s diet. Just remember to store the oil in a cool, dark place. Also, buy a small enough amount that it can be used up within a month or two or it will go bad!

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