783732_85567794Many people find it very relaxing to watch fish in an aquarium.  But most people also consider an aquarium to be too complicated, too much work and require too much space in their home. As your North Wales pet sitter, I can promise you that caring for fish is easier than you think!

A fish can be a good beginner pet for you or your child.  Betta fish / Siamese fighting fish are very beautiful.  They do not need all the equipment that an aquarium needs.  Bettas only need a bowl, food and water.   They still need to be fed and have the bowl cleaned regularly.  Male Bettas are best by themselves since the males often fight with each other.

If you want more than a starter fish, then consider an aquarium.  They come in a range of styles and  sizes. Pet stores have aquarium kits with all the equipment to help you get started.  One of the biggest mistakes people make is to place too many fish in your tank. 

Here are some simple instructions to help any beginner get started:

  • Choose fish that have the same temperature needs. 
  • Monitor your water quality with a test kit.  It comes with instructions on how to test water and how to maintain healthy water conditions. 
  • Change about 20% of the water every two weeks. 
  • Vacuum the gravel with a gravel vacuum at the same time to remove debris. 
  • You need to remove chlorine and any other substances from your tap water with a water conditioner before putting the water into the aquarium.    

Most pet stores will have an employee that can answer any questions you might have with your aquarium. Further research online would probably be beneficial.

Another important issue is the placement of the aquarium.  It doesn’t matter what size your aquarium is, even the smallest aquarium weighs a lot when filled with water.  It needs a very stable base. 

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