There is nothing better when we are stressed than to be greeted by our furry friend!   We want to reward our loving companions, which we often do with food.   However, too much food and treats can cause weigh gain. As the owner of your local Lansdale pet sitting company, I’m often asked about pet obesity and how serious it is. Just as extra pounds can cause medical issues for us, it can also create serious problems for our pets.  Pets can suffer from high blood pressure, arthritis joint damage and breathing difficulties.  Dogs can even develop type 2 diabetes. Warning signs of your pet being overweight would be an inability to feel their ribs and a saggy belly.

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Treats are usually the cause of weight gain.  Treats often have a large amount of salt, fat and calories. Healthy alternatives to commercial treats are:  baby carrots, green beans and small pieces of broccoli.

Dog food labels are misleading.  The amount of food they recommend is based on an active unspayed/unneutered dog.  It is estimated that most people overfeed their dogs by 25 to 50 percent each day due to label recommendations.  The amount of food to give your pet depends on the type of food, the dog’s metabolic rate, their activity level and their age.  Spaying/neutering can slow down the metabolism.   Talk to your vet about what type and how much food to feed your dog. 

Always remember that our pets need to get exercise just like we do! About half an hour each day of exercise is important!

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