Man and DalmatianCelebrating Thanksgiving typically includes the four Fs: family, friends, food, and football. While all these festivities as enjoyable and follow tradition, perhaps a new activity may interest both you and your pup.  To mix up your holiday events and burn off some of those calories, consider signing up for a Turkey Trot this November. Most events range from a 5K (3.1 miles) up to a 10 miler. Many 5K races encourage dogs to join in on the fun too! Fido may enjoy the exercise and cool weather while you run before devouring your afternoon feast guilt-free.

When participating in a race with your pup, here are a few tips to keep you looking like a pro:

  • Make sure you note on your entrance form that you will be running with your pet to inform event staff
  • Line up towards the back of the starting area to avoid being trampled, or spooking your buddy when the gun/horn goes off
  • While on the course, keep a tight leash and call out warnings such as “on your left” when approaching another runner
  • Feel free to take walk breaks if either of you are feeling winded. To ramp speed back up, use positive and cheery motivation and act overly-excited to increase Fido’s pace

The key to a memorable and gratifying race is to remember to just go out and have fun. Chances are Fido is not super competitive and will simply be happy to spend the morning with his best friend! Rewarding him with a treat and fresh water at the finish wouldn’t hurt either!

~Written by guest blogger and Hatfield pet sitter Jenny B!

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