Cat Sitter in Lansdale PAI have had a lot of success over the years with shy kitties and scaredy cats. In fact, of all the kitties I’ve met, only 2 or 3 never gained trust in me. My clients with shy kitties are often surprised when I send them a picture with their cat on my lap a few days later! Many people have asked me what my secret is, or if I’m the “Cat Whisperer”!

Most of my shy cat success has been learned through trial and error and just being perceptive about the situation. Also, Jackson Galaxy (cat expert) gives tons of tips and tricks on his show – “My Cat From Hell”. He is a wealth of cat behavior knowledge!

If you are having trouble getting a shy kitty to trust you, here are some of the tips that work for me:

  • Approach a cat very slowly – sudden quick movements can be startling
  • Take off clunky shoes or boots – often kitties don’t feel comfortable with huge boots coming at them
  • Make yourself small – sit or lay on the floor
  • Be quiet- some kitties are scared of loud noises

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