19446 Dog WalkerAs your local Lansdale Dog Walkers, we have the privilege of meeting a lot of wonderful dogs. Frogger is one of my absolute favorites! Frogger is a beautiful white Pit Bull that was rescued by her parents. We are so lucky to be able to walk her on a weekly basis! Frogger is one of the happiest, most loving puppies I’ve met! She is always full of energy and lots of kisses!

Frogger will often get a burst of energy and race full speed around her yard. She’ll run laps around it until shes tired and then races over to give some sloppy smooches! Or sometimes she’ll get her energy burst in the house and tear through her house like a bull in a china closet! She never stops making us laugh and smile!

Some of Frogger’s favorite things:

1. Playing ball! Frogger loves playing fetch – whether its with a tennis ball, football or a stick! 

2. Going for walks! She loves exploring the world and watching everything and everyone that goes by! 

3. Using her nose to the fullest! Frogger intently sniffs everything we pass on our walks. She has been known to sniff a single blade of grass for several minutes! Frogger enjoys taking serious and thorough sniff  “notes” of the world around her!

Dog Walker 19446

Caring for Frogger is such a joy! She exemplifies all of the wonderful qualities that Pitties are known for including her need to please and her ever-wagging tail! She is also very smart and loves doing her tricks!

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