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Meet Lumpy! She is one of the gentlest, calmest dogs we have ever met! We have had the privilege of walking Lumpy on a daily basis for the past year. Lumpy was a very shy girl initially but we have developed an amazing bond with her and she is one of our favorites! It is so wonderful to earn the trust and love of a shy dog! Lumpy is super loving and is always wagging her tail with joy when we arrive for our walk! 

Some of Lumpy’s favorite things include:

  • Treats! Lumpy absolutely loves her treats!
  • Walks! Lumpy loves walking and giving everything a thorough sniff along the way!
  • Squirrels! Lumpy is usually a very calm dog but she gets so excited when we spot a squirrel on our walk!
  • Squeaky toys! Lumpy goes nuts for her favorite squeaky balls! She loves to play fetch with them!
  • Laying around in the grass! At the end of our walks, Lumpy loves nothing more than to lay in the grass and survey the scenes!  Lansdale Pet Sitting Company

We are so lucky to know Lumpy! 

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