Meet Harley and Dazzle! Harley is an adorable Pug and Dazzle is a beautiful Pomeranian! We have had the privilege of walking Harley and Dazzle on a daily basis for over a year now! Harley and Dazzle are very good, sweet, well-behaved pups and we are so lucky to know them!

Harley 3


Harley is such a lovable boy! Each day I’m greeted with tons of kisses and hugs from him! He loves going for walk and giving everything a good, thorough “sniff” along the way! He loves his treats, back scratches and belly rubs! 



Dazzle is a sweet, shy girl! It takes a bit to earn her trust, but she grew to love me and my head scratching abilities! Dazzle loves running around out back! She also loves her treats! 

Harley and Dazzle are such a treat for us to care for! Both run to the door, so excited, each time I arrive! They are the type of dogs that make you smile each time you see them!

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