In previous blog posts I’ve commented on what a “powerful chewer” my furbaby Alley is. I mentioned that we have tried tirelessly to find Alley some toys that she can’t destroy within several minutes. We have spent a lot of money on toys that claimed to be “indestructible”, but in actuality were easily destroyed within minutes or days. But – I have recently found more excellent toys for her to play with and I wanted to share them with you!

Dog Walking in Montgomeryville PAWest Paw Design makes a number of toys that are truly indestructible! Alley has the Hurley, Bumi, and the Tizi! She never loses interest in them and has been chewing them for months. You can play fetch with them or your dog can just chew it. They even float, so they are fun for a lake or pool! They are reasonably priced at $8-10 and can be found at specialty pet stores!

They do not have a flavor and to a human, they seem relatively boring. However, my dog cannot get enough of them! They also sell balls and Frisbees made of this same indestructible materials. We’ll be purchasing those soon!

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