2016 has drawn to a close and this Lansdale dog walker is excited to start a new year! Over our years in business we have a had the pleasure of caring for hundreds of dogs. We’ve cared for many Lucy’s, Bella’s and Daisy’s! Those 3 seem to be the most popular pet names among our clients. 

The Most Popular Male Dog Names of 2016:

Max                                          Charlie

Buddy                                      Cooper

Jack                                         Rocky


The Most Popular Female Dog Names of 2016:

Bella                                         Lucy

Daisy                                        Lola

Luna                                         Molly

Personally, I’ve always been partial to food-type names like Coconut, Cupcake, Muffin, Cookie, Flapjack, etc. Somehow a delicious food and an adorable pet seem to go together in my mind! The Top Junk Food Names of 2016 were: Milano, Taffy and Twix ! What great names!

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