As a pet sitter, I encounter pet stains on an almost daily visit. I have become a pro at quickly and efficiently cleaning up Pet Sitter in North Wales PAthe mess, so I have plenty of time to spend with my furry friends! Many times I am fortunate enough to find the pet stain on a hard surface floor instead of carpet – which makes for much easier clean up! I’m happy to share the tips and tricks that work so well for me!

 Tips for removing feces stains from hard surface floor:

  • Remove and discard the solids
  • Wipe up any leftover feces with a papertowel
  • Spray a surface safe cleaner (often one with bleach helps)
  • Wipe up the stain and reapply the cleaner again, wipe again

Tips for removing urine from hard surface floor:

  • Blot up the excess urine and discard
  • Spray a surface-safe cleaner (containing bleach if possible)
  • Wipe up the stain and repeat


Urine can be a bit trickier as it leaves a more “lasting” scent. Sometimes this scent is undetectable to humans but pets can still easily smell it. If a pet can still smell its urine scent, it may be inclined to eliminate in that area again.

 Using a steam mop will also help get rid of any excess bacteria and odor. Steam mops are a wonderful tool for the pet owner! They heat up the water to a bacteria-killing temperature!

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