I have a 5 month old puppy, and was looking for someone to come to my house during the day to care for him while I was at work, offering reliable, loving care, and especially having understanding of the special needs of a puppy with lots of energy and still learning to be housebroken. I found Laura’s PURRfect Pet Companion business card at a local pet supply store along with several others offering pet sitting services. I checked each one out online, and PURRfect Pet Companion was far and away the most professional and complete. When Laura arrived my puppy was so excited…he immediately took to her, and she to him. It is obvious that she loves animals, and her credentials are impeccable. Laura gives my puppy lots of love and attention during her visits, and even works with him to practice all that he is learning at obedience class. I love that she texts me after each visit to let me know how things went, and leaves a professional checklist/report each day, detailing her activity with my puppy.

I recommend Laura’s PURRfect Pet Companion without hesitation to anyone that loves their pet(s) and is looking for someone to love them equally as much whenever they must be away from home.