Pet Sitters in North Wales

Thanksgiving is a time for family togetherness.  It’s an opportunity to be thankful and to enjoy each others company and meals.  Thanksgiving centers around the food!  And it’s that, that can cause problems for our pets. 

As your local North Wales Pet Sitter, I wanted to warn you that there are several foods typically associated with Thanksgiving meals that are toxic to our furbabies.    Kidney failure can be created by grapes or raisins.  Chocolate, especially dark chocolate, can produce seizures or death.   Alcohol and caffeine are toxins.   Usually turkey stuffing has onions in it.  Onions can cause canine anemia. 

The turkey itself is a hazard.  Turkey skin is a fatty food.  This can lead to pancreatitis in pets.  Pancreatitis is very painful and may need emergency veterinary help.  We often use baking strings to tie our turkey up when we stuff it.  These strings can cause intestinal trouble if swallowed.  The cooked turkey bones can splinter when the dog/cat chews on them.  This can puncture the esophagus, stomach or intestinal tract or even create a blockage.

Remember pets can get to food left out on tables or countertops.  One Thanksgiving, we were visiting my in-laws home.  We had finished eating and had cleared the table but hadn’t thrown out the turkey carcass yet.  While we were socializing in the family room, their Rodesian Ridgeback, Koba, decided he would put the turkey away!  Koba ate the rest of the turkey, bones and all!  Luckily he did not get sick or have any problems.  Always put turkey leftovers away and throw out the carcass where your pet can’t get to it.

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