There are a lot of professional pet sitting companies in your area. How do you know which one to choose for your fur Pet Sitter in Hatfield PAfamily? You will obviously only choose a company that’s bonded and insured with lots of experience. Aside from that, how do you pick the right one? As we’ve talked about before, you’ll set up a meeting / consultation with the potential pet sitters. After the meet ‘n greet, you find that a few of the companies meet all of your furbabies needs. You are still unsure of which company to pick…

Check their references!!! Call their references, email their references, and read their reviews!! There are lots of websites online where happy or dissatisfied clients can post reviews about a company. Google Places, Yellow Pages, Yahoo Local and Superpages are just a few of the places to submit an online review. Look up the potential pet sitting companies and read those reviews!

Here are 2 reviews of our company posted by some of our biggest fans:

“I had never had a professional Pet Sitter watch my cats before. But, after I realized that my entire family was going to be on vacation at the same time as me, I needed to find someone professional and reliable to take care of my four cats. Meeting Laura was a dream come true! Laura is incredibly professional and cares for my cats just like I do.
After every visit, Laura send me a text message to let me know how the cats were and what she did. In addition, she left a detailed note every day. It gives me such peace of mind to know that my boys get a visitor who not only feeds them, but plays with them and loves them as much as I do. I completely trust Laura, and couldn’t be happier that I met the best pet sitter!” ~ Melanie

“WOW! I am so pleased with this service! Laura is completely professional and completely loving! She came to visit with us before we went away, my dog instantly loved her and so did I. She listened carefully to all of my instructions and took great notes for herself, she had all of her paperwork in order and was ready and able to handle any situation. When I got back, she had left notes for each visit, the house was in prefect order and my dog was happy and well cared for. Laura gets an A+++++! ” ~ Teresa


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