kitten cuddling with snowman toyAs a Lansdale pet sitter and owner of a cat, I am always looking for objects to stimulate and make life more interesting for kitties. The holidays are just around the corner and many of us like to splurge on our furbabies!

Here are some fun ideas for this holiday season:

1. Wand toys – most cats love to chase after them. I have found that a wand toy with a little furry mouse or a clump of will draw most kitties out to play.

2. Food / Treat Puzzles – These are often made of wood or plastic with openings to put food or treats inside. Then the cat (dogs also like them) must move the slides covering the food or push the container around for the food to come out. These keep your pet stimulated and can help slow down a fast eater!  You can find pet puzzles at any pet store or online at

3. Window Perch – All cats love looking outside! The outside world is exciting to them and will keep them occupied. These are also available in stores and online and area easy to install!

4. Heated bed – this is not for stimulation, but your cat will certainly love it! We all know how much cats love being warm! Heated beds plug in and warm up to make your kitty feel cozy and warm. They come in different sizes and shapes to fit every home and budget! Check out this one for just $40 on

Happy Holidays to you and your little furbaby!

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