Cat Sitter in 19446Summer is finally almost here! After so many months of cold temperatures, you are gearing up for the warm weather. You might be planning trips, doing yardwork, and enjoying the longer days! But what about your favorite feline? You can help make this summer perfect for her with just a few simple steps! As your local Pet Sitter in Lansdale, I have a lot of experience with kitties and making them happy!

  •  Let her look outside! Put up a window perch or place a cat tree close to a window. My kitties love their cat tree and window perch! They can sit in the sun and watch the birds outside! You can find window perches at a relatively inexpensive price online or at big box pet stores.
  • Flea & Tick Medicine! Whether your kitty goes outside or not, flea and tick prevention is always helpful. If you have a dog, you probably are already using flea and tick meds, but even if you don’t, the last thing you want is a flea outbreak in your home! The population of fleas and ticks is much more active during the summer!
  • Hire a cat sitter for your vacation! Just because you can leave an extra bowl of water and food out for Kitty and think she’ll be alright while you are away, doesn’t mean you should! A lot can happen in a few days and hiring a cat sitter will prevent any unexpected tragedies. The last thing you want when arriving home from a wonderful, relaxing vacation is to find out that Kitty knocked over her water dish 3 days ago and is now dehydrated!

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