Lansdale Pet SitterWe all have our own list of reasons why we cherish our pets. Our little companions bring out such joy and simplicity in life. Each one is such a blessing. Our furry friends help to teach us important lessons everyday. Many pet owners (like us) consider their pets to be their children with fur! Here are a few more ways our furry friends shine to make our lives a little more cheery!


14 More Reasons To Love Your Pet: 

1. They greet you when you walk through the door.

2. At night, they snuggle close by your side to elicit sweet dreams.

3. They offer protection from strangers, spiders, and that mysterious red dot.

4. You always have a wake up call in the morning to keep your circadian cycle consistent.

5. When you’re sick or feeling blue, you always have a companion to cheer you up.

6. They will make sure no one misses a meal. Ever.

7. They encourage exercise-whether that be via walk or sitting underneath you during a plank.

8. Their signs of affection are infinite (puppy kisses or kitten purrs).

9. The house never feels empty or cold.

10. When they sit on your clothes, it is their way of offering advice on accessorizing (fur is very fashion forward).

11. They keep your spot on the couch warm-unless they steal it. But, they look to cute for you to care.

12. Some days they leave you “presents”- even if you don’t feel like cleaning it up. It’s the thought that counts.

13. They don’t judge you for eating that extra cookie – as long as they receive that extra treat.  

14. You always have a friend who loves you back even more than you could imagine.

Happy Valentines Day from your Lansdale pet sitters at Purrfect Pet Companion! 

~ Written by guest blogger and amazing pet sitter, Jenny B!


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