Lansdale pet sitterWhile most pets are very photogenic, it still can be quite a chore to snap a great picture. As your local Lansdale pet sitting company, we are always sending text and picture updates to our clients. We want to capture the best image of their pet each time but it isn’t always an easy task. Most pets are so excited to see us that they become a blur of movement in every shot. Or we get them to sit still long enough to hold up our phone to snap the picture when something else distracts them! Over the years I’ve learned some tips to help make amateur pet photography go a little more smoothly!

1. Carry Treats! Most dogs and cats are food motivated! Simply shaking their treat bag or holding a treat in your hand can make almost any pet look in your direction. Holding a treat in your fingers is probably the easiest way to have a doggie sit and stare at you. But – you must be quick enough to snap the shot before they get antsy!

2. Take A Lot Of Pictures! I would say that for every good picture that I send to a pet parent, I probably took at least 2-3 more that weren’t good enough to send. Depending on the energy level and focus of the pet, sometimes it could be as many as 10 additional useless pictures! However, it is very easy to delete unneeded pictures! So…snap on! The more pictures you take, the more likely you are to get a few great ones!

3. Lower Yourself (or the Camera)! Its often easiest to get a good (or really interesting) picture when you are down at the pet’s level. Some of my best pictures were taken while I was laying on the ground – snapping a dog chewing their Nylabone, or a kitty chasing a wand toy! It makes a much more interesting picture when you are up close at their level. Another way of doing this is to hold your phone down in front of their face and take a few pics! You are bound to get some cute ones with lots of whiskers!

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